What if everything was just a bad dream and you wake up to a perfect life

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"If you’re laying next to your lover, grab her ass hard but kiss her forehead gently and say, ‘I’m grateful to have you.’ That’s your queen." - Scottie Waves (via dirtyberd)

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"If you really care about someone you will make time for them. It’s not hard to pick up a phone and send a text message." - (via le-voyag3r)

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I used to be one of those women who valued a marriage proposal as the proudest moment of her life. I was proposed to on the top of a really tall building in Chicago. I used to cut recipes out of magazines while cupcakes were baking in the oven. I used to be one of those women who could be found…






"The Favorite" by Omar Rayyan

Favorite what? Demon?!

Loving the fact that whatever it is is wearing a matching flower.

18th century Lilo and Stitch

so i looked up some of this guys other stuff and I


what the fuck

sexy parrot girls yeah ok

oh look the demon has little babies